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Have a look at some of the websites developed and designed by us. Interactive design, hard effort put into the development each website. You can also visit our facebook page and participate in the game. Which gives you a grat chance of winning beautiful interactive web development design.


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Web Design

Web design is arranging the elements of a site also known as hypertext (links), computer graphics, computer animation and sound in a specific way. To present the site afterwards in the web browser most common in visual sequence. Web design contains manufacturing one or more web pages. Those pages are organized through different hyperlinks.


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What’s Web

Technically a web design can be described as writing hypertexts also known as text with interactive links. Those links help the website either to other parts of the text or to another text document. As a result of web design HTML pages are synthesized. Pictures in different formats as well (mostly .jpeg and .png), animations (mostly .gif, .flash) and etc. Particular components, synthesized in the web design of a page or a whole website are divided by files which are divided by directories. Usually, one web page is a file (pictures and other graphical and audio objects are visualized as one). But it isn’t necessary especially when scripts are used by the server. In this case, a script can generate dozens of pages as well as dozens of scripts can generate only one page.


How is web design made?

This process can be defined as mixes of creativity and technical work. The creative part includes the artistic creation of a separate graphic, audio elements and text format (DESIGN). The technical work includes organizing all these elements into HTML code through which is defined as the current type of the visual device (usually Monitor). The technical part also includes the development of a client – base code which is used for upgrading the performance of a website trough JavaScript or VBScript. As an example for such client.

Based code used by the web browser of a single user is the movement of the mouse above an element from the menu which are pictures and when the mouse goes through the graphic element changes.


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Website Development and design

In the last few years, web design includes more and more add-ons which haven’t been used before. Interactive flash animations using styles as (CSS) optimizing the code for the search engines and much more. The ability of computer-generated hypertexts through server-based programs or scripts. This adds even more capabilities to standard web pages. Most commonly using databases that use programs and scripts to process their data properly and visualize it as a web page. There for web pages that are active and mostly relying on programs and scripts located on a remote server called “web-based” applications. With this type of app the entire program code. This code is located on remote server and so web pages are used only as a visualization interface to answer the request as well as sending new requests.